At Identity Hybrid, we believe wholeheartedly in giving back & being active in our community. As the proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child". And we believe with the help of our community, we can create lasting change amongst our aspiring athletes. Not every athlete has the means & guidance to achieve his/her goals & we have an obligation to help assist the next generation with as little as guidance and opportunity. 

* A fundraiser to benefit underprivileged youth & minority families, specifically athletes in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas with opportunities to train with us & help them progress in their athletic careers. We are also raising money to provide underprivileged kids around the DMV area with athletic gear, cleats, and session packages. Given that we also run a clothing brand, we are looking to manufacture over 300+ articles of clothing for 100 kids and hope to provide 100 sessions to local DC, Maryland & Virginia athletes.

* Our goal is to raise $8,000 dollars over the next week. More allows us to do more and most importantly, it allows us to give more to the people in need.

* Donations can be made through the LINK BELOW under via PAYPAL or by submitting donations to @identityhybrid via VENMO.

* Currently, we have 100 kids in the Baltimore County public school system in need of warm clothing. They have asked locals to supply semi-used & decent quality winter wear for Youth & Teens alike. Given that we have the ability to produce clothing in bulk, our objective is to supply each kid with a minimum of 3 articles of custom-made clothing built for the cold temperatures. In order to accomplish this objective, this project will cost $3,000 to manufacture a bulk order of this size. The kids are in need of warm clothing as of yesterday & we can provide them with it tomorrow with your assistance.

* Throughout a full year, we have the great honor of working with over 200 new athletes per year ranging from Youth, International, Collegiate and Pro. This does not include our base of athletes we work with year round, every year. In the same year, up to 50 athletes/parents locally contact us with no means to pay for additional private training due to the surge amounts being paid to local Youth Travel teams ranging from prices $1,500 and upwards. This does not include the amount that goes into travel to game which can exceed $5,000 due to hotel fees, rentals, flights and more over the course of 8-10 months. Most parents from minority & disadvantaged groups are financially unable to provide weekly instruction for kids in addition to paying Club fees. Our objective is to raise $2,000 to provide 100 sessions to minority & disadvantaged families in need of private instruction.

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