Identity Hybrid, LLC was founded by Professional player Na'im Bashir & former Collegiate athlete Hamaas Abdullah - both natives of the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. Coinciding with their love and passion for sports, each of the founders share extensive career experience in sports related fitness fields such as: Sports Specific training, Physical Education, Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Performance & Enhancement, and Physical Therapy.

The D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas have always been a melting pot of unique cultural athletic talent. However, in recent years, the success rate of transitioning the undiscovered talent into home-grown success stories has not accurately portrayed what the DMV brings in terms of quality athletes. Noticing this - Na'im and Hamaas established Identity Hybrid in an attempt to help discover, develop and create opportunities for undiscovered and disadvantaged athletes. Since its start, Identity Hybrid has become a core source of development in the D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas working with programs & athletes of multiple Youth, High-School, Collegiate and Professional backgrounds. As of 2019, IDENTITY HYBRID has helped over a dozen athletes succeed in obtaining athletic scholarships and has helped place a number of professional soccer athletes overseas in European countries including: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Cyprus and Switzerland