Before scheduling or booking a session, our trainers always conduct consultation calls or sessions. In order to best develop a plan for our athletes, we ask in-depth questions pertaining to the athletes playing history, struggles, goals and personality traits. This allows us to best develop a plan to properly connect and adequately gauge a client's progression.


Immediately after the consultation, our trainers develop customized session plans designed specifically for the athlete based on the information given. Basic concepts and positional drills will always be recycled between select athletes, however, we guarantee 90% of all drills are new and tailored on for that athlete and not used for another.


Trainers will normally give an estimate of what days work in terms of session availability. Scheduling is normally at the discretion of the coaching staff. As we deal with clients in volume & cover large areas of the DMV, availability on specific days and times are limited. However, our trainers actively work to shuffle times to better accommodate. 


Booking can be done by purchasing packages or single sessions. For new clients, we always advise booking 1 training session to ensure the athlete enjoys the session or the coach is the right fit. We believe that the most essential part of training is connection which is why our trainers actively work to build a line of communication no matter the experience or age. Some of our training can be too intense for certain individuals and our trainers understand which is why we leave the options to the athletes.


Sessions are normally run by a single coach (only clinics or team training are run by multiple coaches). Sessions last an hour duration with an option for an hour and a half. Athletes can expect a high volume session from start to finish. Our trainers understand you are paying for time and we want to maximize that time, which is why we encourage our athletes to hydrate before sessions so our trainers can maximize each minute on coaching cues and actual work.


After each session, our trainers provide detailed feedback on things seen during the session to specifically provide parents insight as to what was discussed during the session for clients or to provide affirmation and reminder for other athletes. Each client based on the performance during the session is given assignments including: technical, video assignments, essays and more. Development should not only be seen during the session, but specifically out of the session!